I’m a web developer from Santiago, Chile. You may (not) know me because of Junkstr and Chevereto.

I code things like G\ Library PHP framework which helps anyone to build amazing web apps.

Upcoming: Quickty, Chevere.me

Catch me at Twitter, LinkedIn or at inbox@rodolfoberrios.com

23 Nov 2013

Hola Junkstr

El 20 de noviembre lanzamos Junkstr aunque en realidad yo diría que lo habilitamos públicamente o algo así por que no cortamos cinta, ni teníamos una banda invitada, ni regalamos poleras o chapitas… Nada de eso. Simplemente lo dejamos ser, refleja lo que somos. ¿Fomes? Nada que ver, aterrizados y conscientes que lo único importante es el producto.

Si bien lanzamos ese proyecto en que trabajamos cerca de once meses, esto es una etapa más en un largo proceso de capa tras capa donde vamos encontrando la formula que nos permita seguir existiendo y no desaparecer en seis meses. Me gusta verlo más como hitos que por releases, me es más significativo. Por ejemplo: La primera venta, el primer lote no galleteado, la primera oleada de visitas, etc. Durante estos días hemos logrado varios hitos y esa es la parte que empieza a re-encantarme con el proyecto, por que honestamente en todo proyecto llega una etapa donde estas chato de desarrollar y no tener nada que mostrar.

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9 Nov 2013


The upcoming Chevereto hosted application has a name and a home: chevere.me

Currently Chevereto is the most used image sharing script but only developers and pros can enjoy its core values like freedom, customization and support. chevere.me is where casual users can easily get in few minutes their own Chevereto experience without server hassles, complex setups, domain registration, etc.

Any person will be able to get (for free!) his own hosted Chevereto like chevere.me/rodolfo and there you will be able to upload images, manage albums, change content privacy, etc. But that is not all, the best thing about chevere.me is that users will be able to use their own cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive as they storage device. Just imagine it, your photos keep hosted in Dropbox but you get all the Chevereto V3 experience. Lovely.

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18 Sep 2013

Pre-Presentando Junkstr

Durante este mes hemos iniciado la etapa final de desarrollo de Junkstr, el sistema de compra/venta por lotes que he estado creando junto a Patricio Vidal. Quería aprovechar el tiempo libre de las celebraciones de Septiembre para hablar sobre el producto que estamos creando y compartir con todos lo que estamos planificando lanzar pronto.

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2 Sep 2013

The G\ library

Update: gbackslash.com will be the new home of G\

Something that has come recently is a thing that so far I’m calling “G Library” and in this post in Chevereto community I talked about it briefly. Since that draft this thing has grow a lot and now I’m ready to talk more about it and explain why I think that is necessary and why I’m working on it.

I’ve never liked frameworks because they suit almost every need and therefore they are very general. This makes frameworks things that do a lot of functions but they don’t focus in anything. Any framework that is highly focused in something is a rare thing and therefore is not so popular, which in fact is great because they work more like libraries rather than frameworks. The perfect example of this is jQuery wich is a library rather than a framework.

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29 Aug 2013

How scripting sucks

Five years ago scripts were everywhere. If you wanted to start your own blog or open a online store or maybe just run a community with a group of people a script was right there to assist you. Five years later the scripting industry keeps dying, slowly. What happened in this five years?

I’m in this (scripting) since 2007 and I had Open Source an commercial projects. My front row has gave me a lot of pointers to debug the situation and understand why the scripting is in a perpetual loop decay. I want to share my thoughts about this in this blog entry.

Here is my Top 5 list on why scripts are everyday less popular.

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