I’m a web developer from Santiago, Chile. You may (not) know me because of Junkstr and Chevereto.

I code stuff like G\ Library PHP framework and Peafowl frontend framework.

Upcoming things: Quickty (so far).

Catch me at Twitter, LinkedIn or at inbox@rodolfoberrios.com

17 Apr 2014

Chevereto 3

I can’t think in anything else in which I worked that hard and for such a long period of time, at least by my own without any help at all. That project is Chevereto 3.

When I started to develop this version the goal wasn’t remotely close to the final working product (you can see it here) and to be honest, I’ve always loved to work in Chevereto more than anything else, with the exception of Junkstr, and soon as I started to work on this third major release I decided to highly increase the bar regardless of the time and the complexity of the project.

I don’t know if you feel or see the same as I do but for me it is an amazing system and I’m so proud of it and I’m happy to keep feeling this when I release something.

Long life to the #1 image sharing script in the world.

14 Mar 2014

Introducing G\ Library

Long time ago I started to learn and working with PHP. It started mostly because I needed a way to make real my ideas and it was the most used web programming language in that days. It was a self learned thing which was actually a very long process and it also included other languages and web development technologies. Several year later PHP is still the most used web programming language and I keep working with it.

I’ve made Chevereto my trademark using PHP and I have plans for other scripts based in PHP so when I started to code the upcoming new major release of Chevereto I knew that I was ready to make a framework for my projects. The result was G\ Library which is an Open Source PHP framework which summarize all this years of learning and is the foundation for the next following years.

Actually I never liked frameworks until I noticed jQuery which isn’t a framework but I loved how jQuery was all about making certain core task better than anyone at least in those days. Remember that back in the day there was a lot of JS libraries like MooTools, Scriptaculous, etc. Well, I started with this last one and even when its effects were way better than jQuery it didn’t perform well the core tasks or make the syntax more simpler. That was where jQuery owned with its sleek an intuitive syntax to perform really casual stuff but also do more complex things.

For me frameworks are not about how many things they can do out of the box but how easy is to go big with it. A good framework is the one that helps you to perform core tasks and makes your coding less hassle so you can focus in the actual features of your app. G\ was coded with this philosophy in mind and it was developed side by side with Chevereto V3 so actually is not a work in progress but a real working thing.

G\ Library website has an intuitive documentation that will teach you the basic stuff and you can also get the code on GitHub. Hope that developers out there find G\ useful as I do and collaboration is welcome.

6 Dec 2013

700 lucas en cachureos

Entonces esta Junkstr y uno ya sabe que es un sistema que tiene que funcionar para quien vende y quien compra. La parte de quien vende o publica es fácil, es básicamente una UX que cualquiera ya se querría chorear para su propio proyecto y para quien compra es presentar un sistema intuitivo y fácil de cachurear. En este sentido ya estamos bien encaminados y hemos visto que funcionó bastante bien nuestra primera iteración.

Pero falta algo.

Necesitamos conocer como se dan los intercambios y las negociaciones. Cuales son las mejores estrategias de venta, la forma más optima de publicar, describir los artículos, etc. Motivado por la avaricia y el hype me puse como propósito vender CLP 700.000 en cachureos míos a través de Junkstr y comprar un Macbook (such computer, wow).

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23 Nov 2013

Hola Junkstr

El 20 de noviembre lanzamos Junkstr aunque en realidad yo diría que lo habilitamos públicamente o algo así por que no cortamos cinta, ni teníamos una banda invitada, ni regalamos poleras o chapitas… Nada de eso. Simplemente lo dejamos ser, refleja lo que somos. ¿Fomes? Nada que ver, aterrizados y conscientes que lo único importante es el producto.

Si bien lanzamos ese proyecto en que trabajamos cerca de once meses, esto es una etapa más en un largo proceso de capa tras capa donde vamos encontrando la formula que nos permita seguir existiendo y no desaparecer en seis meses. Me gusta verlo más como hitos que por releases, me es más significativo. Por ejemplo: La primera venta, el primer lote no galleteado, la primera oleada de visitas, etc. Durante estos días hemos logrado varios hitos y esa es la parte que empieza a re-encantarme con el proyecto, por que honestamente en todo proyecto llega una etapa donde estas chato de desarrollar y no tener nada que mostrar.

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9 Nov 2013


The upcoming Chevereto hosted application has a name and a home: chevere.me

Currently Chevereto is the most used image sharing script but only developers and pros can enjoy its core values like freedom, customization and support. chevere.me is where casual users can easily get in few minutes their own Chevereto experience without server hassles, complex setups, domain registration, etc.

Any person will be able to get (for free!) his own hosted Chevereto like chevere.me/rodolfo and there you will be able to upload images, manage albums, change content privacy, etc. But that is not all, the best thing about chevere.me is that users will be able to use their own cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive as they storage device. Just imagine it, your photos keep hosted in Dropbox but you get all the Chevereto V3 experience. Lovely.

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