Rodber's Wordle-CLI

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I've made a CLI version of the popular game Wordle. It is available for macOS, Linux and Windows at rodber/wordle-cli. Download latest binaries from the releases page.

Wordle-CLI is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese. The game is configurable as you can pick word length (from 3 to 8) and number of attempts (from 1 to no-limit).

# How to play?

Run the binary and follow the instructions. You pick language, word length and number of allowed tries.

Here's a quick example:


# The code

Wordle logic is very basic, you pick a word and compare against the input of the same length. It split words using mb_str_split and char by char it compares and assign the result green for exact match, yellow for partial and white for no match.

Word list is taken from public sources, from there these get compiled into PHP code by word length and language. For example, 3 letter words in English are in a ./app/lang/en/words/3.php file and so on.

# Purpose of this project

I just wanted to play Wordle in the terminal, there's no other purpose. It was a fun project to make and I hope you enjoy it too.

Have fun!

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