VarDump for PHP

A multi-purpose colorful modern alternative to var_dump.

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New from Chevere is the chevere/var-dump package for PHP. This software provides a modern var_dump alternative, with a myriad of options to support generating documents for HTML, console and plain-text.

Symfony provides a nice VarDumper component which is the industry-standard. Why build another one?

To my taste, Symfony's dump output looks pale and dated. You can tell that it was made for another time as it seeks to chop on representation, it rely on symbols as the removal of the modifier keyword to use -property to denote the property visibility. It uses quotes to indicate "string" instead of explicit print the type, a float or integer is anything that looks like that. There's no type information except for objects.

To create an alternative has been a long term goal and I'm happy to present VarDump, my new modern var_dump alternative for PHP focused in 👍 types, 🌈 color highlighting and 📦 portability.

# Demo

HTML demo

# Learn more

Head over to the documentation and leave a star at GitHub.

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