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I'm looking for partners that want to join me at Chevereto for its new generation, where by updating its tech I'm pushing the project to the next level. For this to happen Chevereto requires a new tech foundation (I'm on it!) plus a new offering and servicing. That last part is where I'm looking for help.

When I started doing software for money I got scammed by my partner. This was when I was noob a WordPress template designer and he ran with 50% of the commission. This incident pushed me to learn server-side programming and for my luck, I liked this activity more than frontend! My attitude since has been "OK, another thing to learn" and I took the chance to use my time to try out many of the possible jobs in Chevereto.

I started with front design, moved to backend development and Tech Support. I do sales, marketing, customer relationship, documenting and infra provisioning. Out of the need of selling my software product I ended doing multiple jobs that are carried by teams of people.

# Learnings

After these years I've came to the conclusion that my proficiency is at everything software-development related. At that department I'm can of pull out faster than the industry standard but as I suck on everything else the software product is lacking.

I learned that to sell more software I need to build more solutions. Putting extra features to existing software isn't that important as spawn specialized solutions. I can build an outstanding development team, but I can't do the same for sales or customer relationship or any other non-dev related area.

# What I'm looking for?

I'm looking for founders who can help me to push Chevereto to the next level and join me in new software endeavors. The product and its manufacturing is covered, it just lacks everything else and that's where you can make an impact.

If you are working at the software industry or if you worked before on it that's a nice have, but not mandatory by any means. You don't need to know how to make software, I have that covered... Remember?

# What I'm offering?

I've the development layer covered for a software which peaked 15K installations (each installation serves N users). I've that part matured, won't be an issue.

All remote based, and from any nationality, place or culture. I don't have any issues with who you are neither where you came from. I don't care to ask about formal education.

I can summarize the offering in that you will get yourself involved in the manufacturing of all sorts of cool software products. That you will be my partner in this and that your opinion and experience will help determine the production of new software goods.

# Contact

Feel free to write me an email to ask me anything or schedule a meeting.

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