Adiós Chevereto-Free

Why I'm shutting down my Open Source software?

In 2016 I released Chevereto-Free 1.0.0 with the goal of building another audience and to discourage piracy of my software. I did this move because I wanted to turn the project into a collaborative initiative as I was getting burned with the common "can you add X please?" or the "add this and you will make rich!" feedback.

I was expecting people to join development and that a fraction of these users will upgrade to paid edition to get myself a sustainable income for development. The idea was to use this Open Source edition as marketing for my work by gifting ongoing releases based on the paid edition to the community.

# Update 2021-09-30

I will transfer the project ownership to my personal space at rodber where I will drive it as a hobby/pet project. I figured out that I can manage myself to don't get stressed with this. It doesn't have to end this suddenly, it can be slower.

There won't be new features, only basic maintenance for system operability.

I'm leaving the rest of this entry "as-is" because I still agree with all what I wrote. Is just that now I'm doing better managing expectations and how I react to how others interact with my work.

# Users don't contribute

Chevereto-Free right is currently used in ~4K systems and it totals ~10K installations (per domain). Out of these it converted <1%, meaning that it requires another order of magnitude in distribution to get a meaningful revenue. The user base needs to be huge to get a decent living out of this.

But that's OK! I knew the 1% rule I don't live under a rock. Thing is that I was expecting collaboration not people using it for free and walk away.

Something I don't enjoy about Open Source users is the common thought that they tell themselves that by using "A software" they did their part and contribute. Using the software is not contributing.

# Sorry

Without contribution and with that "low" user base for me it is impossible to keep considering doing Chevereto-Free and that's why I will stop maintaining it by the end of this year. I'm sorry but I can't afford the time neither I've the resources to allocate maintainers for it.

If you are a software maintainer or know someone who may be interested in maintain Chevereto-Free please contact me.

I feel bad because I should have terminated this fork before as working in this wasn't a good use of my time. But I also feel great that I took 4 solid years to consider this and give it a try. I love when that shit happens, it teaches me to focus on my own experience.

# Bonus Track

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