Sorry, Quickty won't happen

Dropping Quickty development and focus back on Chevereto.

Nothing to see here!

After several delays, I've decided to drop Quickty development and focus back on Chevereto. Sorry, I wasn't capable to keep strong development on both projects and at the end, I wasn't achieving any progress.

Working on both projects was exhausting and the difficult part was to try to develop Quickty and at the same time carry Chevereto support on an everyday basis. I wasn't able to keep the focus on development no more than a couple hours per week and that's not enough for something like this. Tried all the imaginable ways to make it happen and I failed.

I realized that I'm not ready to offer a new product because Chevereto support drains too much time and I can't start any new endeavor if I don't improve that situation. I can't create new software if don't fix that hole.

On the other side, Chevereto is doing solid and the user base grows steady. Further improvements will allow me to consider side projects in the future but to be honest, my failure in Quickty has drawn my attention away from side projects for now.

Thanks to all those who believed in this project but it won't happen, I just don't want to work on it anymore and I don't have time for it so I'm closing the door here.

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