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8 Feb 2013


It was the fourth month since Chevereto 2.0 launched and piracy started to include Chevereto as one of his usual targets. At the beginning I was with the idea that deliver an unbelievable deal and user relationship will stop the piracy because is a very effective way to encourage user love and build a solid base of loyal clients. But, well… It wasn’t enough. Since 2.0.9 Chevereto has been always pirated.

Deliver an unbelievable deal didn’t make the trick and a low price (30 USD in that time) didn’t help it. Myth busted. You could say “sell it cheaper”. Honestly? Tell that to the app developers that also sell lifetime apps for 0,99 USD and they are equally pirated in jailbroken devices. In fact, I’ve increased the price to 49 USD and sales keeps going up.

Even with great deals or low prices piracy won’t ever end. This is because piracy is your worse competitor: Your product for free. I bet that if someone clone something like Coca-Cola or Pepsi a lot of people won’t ever buy it again.

Does piracy affect sales in Chevereto? Not one single dollar. After putting the hammer down with DMCA complaints to Google and file hosters for extended periods of time, sales keeps the same solid average as when I don’t send any complaint. This is because Chevereto has several things that make it very attractive to buy like the lifetime deal, project activity, quality of the tech support, etc.

What about the so called “nulled” installations? I’ve been able to track down a huge number of illegal installations (near 450) where most than 230 have been taken down for EULA violation. A very low 3% of illegal installations have become legal after this. This low conversion is because not all the hosting companies take down the illegal content and because this persons just don’t want to pay. Nothing to do there.

The most obvious conclusion is that piracy will be always there for Chevereto. The important thing is how many people will be willing to pay for it. Include something that can’t be pirated and that makes users way more happier does all the difference.

Chevereto has three pilars that define the project. This pilars are the product, the deal and the user relationship. This user relationship is based in a bulletproof tech support and superb user communication which involve them in early stages of the development and care about what they need and what they think about the project changes or how to improve something.

This has make me aware of the value of make your customer love your product and your way of doing things. That is the most important thing that I’ve learned in Chevereto and is the the most fundamental thing for the project.

That’s how I deal with it. Is all about care about my clients.

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