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11 Jan 2013

Junkstr: One person’s junk is another person’s treasure

Junkstr is a new service that I’m planning with Patricio Vidal and it aims to forget all the hassles and time waste of garage sales.

We believe that your junk is also a treasure. We want to help you.

We noticed that when you want to sell your junk or those items that you don’t longer use you have to waste a lot of time submitting this items to sites like eBay. This is because you have to put a title, set a price, add a description… For a small box with 30 items it will take you like two hours and a half if you are able to publish each item in 5 minutes. Ok, you can bear that… But the real problem is the time waste in items that no one will care about, so you have to filter the items before publishing and for your own ignorance perhaps you are not submitting a very valuable item.

In traditional garage sales there is also a problem: There isn’t a log of the description of your items. So if you tell everything about that fancy stereo to a buyer and he doesn’t buy it you will have to repeat all again to the next buyer and tell the very same story over and over.

That’s why we came up with Junkstr, the most easy way to sell your junk. Just take a picture of your loot and let the community do the rest. You will be focused just in the things that people will buy and you will forget all the hassles and time waste. Buyers will be able to ask for each item in the picture and therefore each item will have his own thread where you can add pictures, interact with the people who is interested and make the deal or reserve the item.

Junkstr aims to create a new rich experience in this kind of sales and we have in mind partnerships with classifieds, antiques and junk removal services. Our goal is that you get rid of your junk earning money for it and without any hassle or time waste.

We are developing an alpha and I’m pretty sure that you will love the look and feel that I’m creating for this. I’m putting my well earned experience in front development so I’m pretty sure it will be awesome.

Hope you like the update and feel free to be part of the research.

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