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30 Nov 2012

Quickty early beta round one ended

Quickty is a project that once its finished it will be the main project around here but in the meanwhile is under planification and part of this process was the first early beta sign-up which its objective was validate the project idea and it was successfully validated, my goal was pretty tender (50 sign-ups) but I notice how much the people like the idea and the first early beta sign-up ended with more than two hundred registrations.

All the feedback collected with the early beta registrations have been recorded and I’ve talked with all the folks that left me a message and I notice how much this project could grow and how the users are giving the right shape for it. I can’t believe how valuable have been this early beta sign-up process and how much the people have collaborated in this.

A second round early beta sign-up will be opened in a few months once the project get more things clear and new feedback will be needed. This second round (probably the last) will be also casted in one month period where you will have the chance to give your feedback and also get a special price on launch… What could be more perfect than that?

Many thanks to all the folks that joined this early beta round, I hope to deliver more news about Quickty soon.

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