A word on Quickty, Chevereto and Chevere.me

People always ask me if I know a Chevereto for files.

Rodolfo   Card

Since Chevereto 2.0, people has always asked me when I will release a «Chevereto for files» which is something that keeps my attention and that I want to make it real. This file sharing system already have a name and is Quickty. I want to take a few minutes to talk about Quickty, Chevereto and Chevere.me and how these products will be possible.

The thing with all these products is that it takes a lot of time to make them possible. My move was to create a core that is shared by all of these projects so at the end the work can be narrowed down to G\ and Peafowl —which is this shared core— which took me like nine months to came out with and there are already ten months of running which has help a lot to improve this core. As you may imagine, improving Chevereto is the same as improving (or get closer) to Chevere.me and Quickty thanks to the shared core which of course includes all the nice libraries that I've created.

I believe that this core is ready for Quickty so I will start to work in Quickty in the next weeks. There are so many interesting things in this project that I want to get my hands on like encrypted storage and the whole privacy thing. Honestly... I can't wait to start working in this mega-drive-cloud-chevereto-box-thing.

I know that Quickty is something that a lot of people are expecting. That tells me the almost 700 signals so far that has been made to Quickty which is a lot if we consider that is all organic with zero promotion or advertising. I've been able to collect an outstanding amount of feedback that will help me to understand what should I create and offer to the world. For all those who have helped and share their enthusiasm for this product, thank you. We are finally getting closer to it!

Chevere.me is now halted and I will re-evaluate this project after Quickty. Main reason for this is that you can get something very close to Chevere.me now with Arvixe so there is no point in making this a priority. I believe that adding auto-update and more customization options for Chevereto will be enough for a couple years.

Again, thanks to all those who have signed for Quickty and Chevere.me. Things are working great for me and I'm really looking forward to start working in Quickty.

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